Zapovid Band

Up-beat, catchy and melodic are just a few words that could be used to describe the sound of ZAPOVID, Toronto’s hottest Ukrainian party rock band. Forming in early 2011, the band has quickly caught the attention of the Ukrainian community by incorporating elements of a wide variety of musical styles. Zapovid has played at numerous events and festivals across Canada as well as in the United States!
Zapovid has shared the stage with well-known Canadian and Ukrainian artists like Zirka, Klooch, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Burya, Mad Heads, Dzidzio, TIK and Kozak System.

Although the North American Ukrainian community has been good to them, the band strives to reach a much broader audience in the future, and with the release of this year’s debut album “Діти Роду Козацького – Dity Rodu Kozatskoho”, is seeking to reach new heights. With no plans of stopping or slowing down, Zapovid is ready to spread their brand of party rock to a stage near you!

The five-piece band Zapovid is:
Milla – Vocals
Nestor – Drums
Matt – Guitar, Vocals
Andre – Bass
Mariusz – Keyboard, Accordion, Vocals

Anna – Manager

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  1. Yar Olenych says:

    Hi you guys were great especially
    When andwhere is your next gig.

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